A. D. Simons

February 27, 2011

The Dreamer

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Goose bumps crawled across Janet’s skin as she sat in the warm early morning sun.  She wrapped her arms around herself while chills shuddered down her back.  A low moan seeped from between her rosy lips and tears burned down her smooth cheeks.  She’d gone to the Meadow hoping the solitude would help her forget.

The cool grass, sweet scents and close growing tree’s always gave Janet a sense of comfort, a feeling of belonging.  It was her special spot, one only two people knew about.  As the sun worked its way up, she allowed that comfort to wash over her, though it did little to stop the fear.

The distinctive beat of a woodpecker rang out, drawing Janet’s eyes to the far side of the Meadow.  Both annoyance and joy bounced around in her gut.  Bobby had come, as she knew he would.  Not knowing whether to scream or laugh, she stood and closed the distance while taking in his familiar face.

Chocolate hair topped a tanned face and soft gray eyes gazed at her from under caterpillar brows.  Worry creased his smooth skin causing too-plump lips to bow.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.  Her voice held an edge but she took him in her arms.

“Can’t a father join his daughter to catch the sunrise?”

Little happy bubbles popped in her chest.  Watching the sunrise with her dad had been one of her best childhood memories.

“‘Course you can.”  She gave him her warmest smile and his eyes lit up.

“I heard you this morning,” he stated as he brushed golden hair from her face.

The happy bubbles disappeared behind a cloud of fear.  He didn’t have to tell her what he’d heard.  Janet let go of him and ducked her head.  She’d hoped she hadn’t woken him, hadn’t worried him.  He didn’t need the added stress.

“It was nothing dad,” she said, though she knew he wouldn’t believe it, and he’d be right.  It wasn’t nothing.  It was a whole lot of something.

“You can tell me.”  His soft voice overflowed with tender understanding.

Still nothing looking at him, Janet replied, “I had a dream.”

Those four small words sent another bone-chilling wave down her back and she felt her father tense.  After haft a heart beat she found herself cradled in his arms as fresh tears flowed.

“WHo?” Bobby asked while rocking his daughter.

“His name is Joe, he lives in some small town in Texas.  It’s going to happen soon.”

“It’s going to be alright, baby.  It’s going to be okay,” he said but Janet was too busy thinking about the horrors she’d soon be forced to do to listen.


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